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As the brand's name On! Credule announces it all starts when its creator Olga Valls starts listening to herself and she begins believing in herself. At present she is a shoemaker.

The Preque (a microtale by Enric Valls)

In a preterite time, among the blossom of an early cherry tree I walk with bows on my head, like princess Leila, which attracts  the stinger of a slightly daltonic and mutant bee that stings me in its yearing for a spring feast. Since the mismatch with that stinger invitations of different needles chased me. Stitching and mending, sewing machines which sang mermaid´s songs while I pretended being tied between ropes of esparto. Veiled visions through the windowpane of a workshop filled with sharp, pointy tools for manipulating leather. A battle where my reasoning emulated any temptation knowing that in a certain tale this could leave me cronically asleep. With that the circle narrows itself until, in the middle of the corridor of time, joined by the projection of a piece of stranded mosaic the Naumann, the Singer, the Weltheim, the Gritzner and even the Seycan face me in a collusion of needles and threads of which I can't escape anymore; and against the temptation I let myself getting stirred by a meander of feelings. The vertigo of delirium wakes me up from this dream,on a fakir's mattrass, between my fingers I thread the needle and I salivate of emotion. Near the path my sewing machine is waiting. We start walking among the blossom of an early cherry tree. At the moment, barefoot.


The Sequel
On! Credule are shoes which highlight your fun and daring side. With their colour combinations, different textures and exclusive prints they will transform your feet into original walking dancers.
This explosion of the senses is completed by our designs and confection using the finest meticulously selected leather and materials, essentially assembled by hand.